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George Best’s Top Moments Playing for Northern Ireland

George Best is largely remembered as the best that football has ever seen. As Best once said, "Pele called me the greatest footballer in the world. That is the ultimate salute to my life." Though the Northern Irish native made his mark playing for Manchester United, he never truly left his roots behind. Representing his home country, Best showcased his...

The Boy From Belfast: The Impact of George Best

George Best will forever stand as a legend on the streets of Belfast. World famous and revolutionary with his attitude and standing in football and the pages of newspapers, his legacy in his hometown of Belfast is a tribute that will last a lifetime. Even if your expertise isn’t in sport, chances are you know of George Best and his...

The History of Belfast City Hall, The George Best Hotel’s Beautiful Neighbour

The George Best hotel is making fast progress in becoming the city’s most luxurious and coveted hotels. After Signature Living announced plans to turn it into a boutique hotel in Belfast, the city will not be disappointed in the promise to turn the building into a strong competitor for the most beautiful building on Donegall Square. The fiercest competition for...

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